Our Extraordinary Solar/Wind Hybrid Powered Clothes Dryer

A few months ago, with the awareness that a clothes dryer is the most energy hungry appliance in the house after a fridge, we bought an extraordinary invention.

It is a wind and solar powered hybrid.

It requires no energy to run, and dries clothes in just a few hours.

It scares crows.

It is…

a Hill’s Hoist!

hill's hoist

Oh, Hill’s Hoist, How I love thee. I love that you hold all of my families clothes with ease. I love that you can wind down to easily load the clothes, or wind up to spin in the air. I love how efficient you are. I love how reminiscent you are of our other home, Australia.

Could I have been scrappier? Sure, and we are – we actually have a clothes line made from leftover nylon rope on our porch. But damn, the hoist is a thing of long term, sun-drenched beauty, and dries our clothes in about 3 hours in the full sun. That’s my kind of investment!