Get To Know Us

Hi there!

65 NW Waterhouse AvenuKat, Ant and Ethaneaverton, OR 97006

I’m Kat!  This is my husband, Anthony, and our son, Ethan. We also have a 4 year old dog, Chewbacca, two cats, named Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, and a whole mess of other animals.

Chewy and the chicken

 Together, Anthony and I have lived all over the world, and have settled on a 13 acre farm, named Walkabout Farm, in gloriously beautiful, pastoral, Helvetia Oregon. We live on a pastured poultry farm where we currently raise 55 chickens and a flock of silver appleyard ducks. flock of hens

Our homesteading adventure did not begin with owning a farm – in fact, it started in an 1880’s rental house on the coast of Australia. After becoming familiar with the work of Joel Salatin, we both wanted to start taking more responsibility and have more awareness about how our food was raised. We started by going to the farmer’s markets, buying bulk meat and poultry directly from local farmers, fermenting and growing our little container garden, and becoming more conscientious about the process from ground to mouth. 

After moving back to New York for me to complete my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, we found out we were pregnant about 5 minutes after we got married (well, six weeks, but whose counting?).  This was August of 2014, and I was due in March of 2015.  We looked at each other and realized that if we were going to start a farm, a kid would be the perfect catalyst. We’d loved Oregon since we had visited in several years ago, so decided to put our money and homesteading activities where our mouth was and pick up and move across the country.  The moment we drove onto our 13-acre slice of paradise, we knew we were home. I burst into pregnant lady tears, we put out the offer, and a few weeks later were the proud owners of a farm.  We started with a small vegetable garden and six chickens, which quickly grew to a flock of 60 and a contract to sell eggs at our local CSA, Stoneboat Farm. We also raise seasonal pastured meat chickens, and have 15 ducklings who we hope to raise for eggs, meat and ducklings for sale. We keep growing, and have big dreams of some goats and other livestock. We’re total beginners and are loving the journey towards being able to call ourselves farmers without giggling. We hope you join us for that journey!