First Morning In Seattle

Our first morning in Seattle was fantastic.  When Ant and I travel together, 80% of the time, we use airbnb.  It can really make or break a vacation, but luckily for us, this one was made by our awesome hosts, Megan and Saul.  The room was private, comfortable and spotless, they were happy to share their kitchen, but most importantly, they were friendly and relaxed.  Little things, like being perfectly happy to coordinate cooking times, share their spices with us, and tell us the details of their composting make the stay as special as staying in a fancy B&B.

On the first morning, after having a breakfast at home, we headed out to Pike Place Market.  We both really wanted to focus on the special and unique parts of Seattle – not necessarily the first Starbucks, but the quirky and the delightful.

We found that first in Caffe Vita, a fabulous roaster and coffee house in the Capitol Hill area. 

Caffe Vita - Seattle

They roast their own single origin espresso, have stellar baristas, and a friendly and laid back vibe. It was so cool to see “local coffee” redefined, as they roast each and every bean they brew and press, right out the back!


It was amazing to see, particularly while sipping such a delightful brew. What we loved most about it, however, was the staff.  From day one, they were super friendly, but when we came back on day two, we were so surprised that they remembered us, asked us how our first day in Seattle was, and were more than happy to make restaurant recommendations that they enjoyed. It make us feel like we were the locals. (By the way, please check their website for incredible detail on their blends, single origin espresso, and roasting process – so fascinating and far more in depth than I could dream of posting here.)

Fully revved up, we continued walking down to the infamous Pike Place Market. 

Pike Place Market

If we had expected a quick, 30 minute trip, we were absolutely wrong. Pike Place requires at least a few hours to really get the feel of all the amazing shops, stalls and things to see. For photographers, it can’t be beat. Luckily, I’m not one, so snapshots sufficed. 

pike place nuts

From the moment you enter, the scents are overwhelming. At Pike Place Nuts, they roast all of their own nuts, with a bunch of different flavors.  Delicious!

A pickle like no other

Britt’s pickles were out of this world amazing.  She makes a variety of pickles, as well as kimchi and shots of pickle juice – while perhaps it sounds weird, it tasted refreshing and fabulous.  I bought a gorgeous sour pickle, and was such a happy camper. She naturally ferments all her pickles, rather than rushing it with extreme heat and pasteurization, which allows the healthy bacteria and amazing flavor to remain. She even sells “Picklators”, which are sets to make your own pickles at home – a fun gift for the preserving newbie!

Pike Place Fish Co

But of course, the most famous stall at Pike Place Markets is the “Flying fish guys”, also known as Pike Place Fish Co. They’re most famous for yelling and throwing fish around, but in my opinion, they should be famous for their total commitment to transparency and 100% sustainable farming. 

sustainable fish

Not to mention, their fabulous signage. 


Of course, to finish our morning, I had to buy a bag of locally grown cherries. The salesman was so thoughtful – he even provided a pit bag, for my eating pleasure! Talk about fast food.  

Until later!



  1. It all looks and sounds amazing! How very exciting. I could spend hours and hours and those markets. There’s a Caffe Vita in the Lower East Side, really near our place. It’s my absolute favorite neighborhood coffee joint and they’re just as friendly over here.

    • It was totally fabulous. Wish you were here – and I’d LOVE to go to Caffe Vita with you! I didn’t know it had other locations – I should do more research.

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