Highlight Local: Manaia Coffee House and Island Grill

This weekend, we ventured into Hillsboro to check out the local Farmer’s market.  We adore PSU’s market, but we wanted to get a feel for the local flavor and meet the vendors. It was a broiling hot day by Hillsboro in May standards – 85 degrees and sunny.  So, almost as soon as we got there, we wanted to take a break to get Ethan out of the sun, and found our new favorite local brewhouse, Manaia Coffeehouse and Island Grill

Mainaia Coffee House

The space is beautifully designed to be both spacious and welcoming.  It’s designed with wood and brick, with a variety of seating options from chairs to bar stools to a couch in the back. 

Manaia Interior

They brew locally roasted Longbottom Coffee, and have a wide variety of fancy sweet drinks as well as the more traditional espresso based beverages. 

Manaia Menu

They also offer a small but thoughtful food menu that reflects the Samoan flair of the cafe, and includes options for all diets, from vegan to paleo.  They use pastured, GMO-free chicken which is a really delightful touch.

Manaia menu

I love their use of color and pops of personality throughout the space. They have a wall that highlights local artists, as well as a kids corner. Now that I have one, I think every coffeeshop would benefit from having a kids corner!

IMG 3414

kids corner

Their coffee is really quite tasty, and it’s such a warm, lovely place that I’d rather come here and spend a morning than go to any of the more high-brow coffee houses in Portland proper.  The locals seem to agree, as we went in a few times during the day and it was always crowded with people from all walks of life, from toddlers drawing on the chalk board to seniors chatting leisurely over their cuppa.

Definitely highly recommended if you’re in Hillsboro!

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