Just a Day

First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s day to those who celebrate.   Happy Israeli election day to the rest of you ;-).

After yesterday’s post on pregnancy reflections, I find myself sitting on my bum, typing on my computer on the couch, while staring out the window at a truly beautiful day on our farm.  I have been outside a little bit and ran some errands. but I just don’t currently have the energy to even go for a walk.  I just want to crash on the couch with the hubs and the pooch.  This is hard for me, as I so want to continue the “perfect pregnancy” illusion, even to myself.  I want to be the person who goes into labor due to a 3 or 10 mile hike in the woods, followed by a squeaky clean paleo meal and a raspberry leaf tea.  Not doing what I’m currently doing, which is just sitting on my bum, waiting for…what? Labor?  Inspiration? A combination?

Today’s breakfast was pizza.  Grain-free pizza, I hasten to say, but pizza.

I just have to remember that today is just a day.  It’s not anything other than a 24 hour cycle.  A day is not a moral issue.  Assuming I don’t hurt anyone, including myself, and I take care of my responsibilities, that’s enough for now. Everything happens, not just for a reason, but for the lesson.


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