Weekend Highlights

What a great, if gray and rainy weekend! Hopefully, it will be our last weekend as a twosome, and we had a lot of fun…doing exactly what we do every weekend. Garden work, farmer’s market, chicken coop building, cooking, and watching movies.

apple struedel muffins

Apple strudel muffins from Practical Paleo.  These were so good. Thank God they’re healthy, as we ate 12 in two days. Baked goods, even grain-free ones, are no match for us.


Farmer’s market kale with red onions.  Amazing dinner – kale, roasted sweet potato and parsnips, a fried egg and some thinly sliced pork chop (1/4 chop each) with balsamic vinegar. So simple, so yummy.

6 week old chicks

Our chickens are almost too big for the dog crate!  On a whim, we put a dowel in for them to roost, and the birds are obsessed with it.  There are always a minimum of 2 hanging out on it, and it’s pretty adorable when all of them are there. 

chicken coop

Our chicken coop is ALMOST done!  It’s so amazing how talented and brilliant my husband is – he saw a few photos, and designed this coop from photos. It’s sturdy, beautiful, streamlined, and elegant. He is such a badass.

If at first you don’t succeed, replant your seedlings. I tried a few varieties of tomato and tomatillo (pictured) and three types of kale. The rest I’ll either direct seed or buy as starts, as I do not have enough faith in my soil block medium to invest the time and energy into a bunch of seeds at this point. However, we have at least one tomato seedling, so 1 out of 60 ain’t bad. 

tomato seedlings

PS anyone with experience – does it look like the block medium is too chunky? I think it is, but don’t have enough experience. 

Finally, dinner highlight was definitely cheeseburgers with slow-cooked onions and kale salad. 


My mom comes today, and will stay until baby is born which is just too exciting.  My mom and I are so close, and she will be at the birth which is just awesome. Provided I don’t go into labor in the next six hours and have a 1 hour and 45 minute labor like my sister did. Which, I have to say, if that happens I will not complain.


Weekend Highlights

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, but a fun one!  We had lots of time with friends, outside, working, and playing. What could be better?

The weekend started Friday afternoon by picking up 140 pounds of pastured pork from Misty Morning farms, butchered at Matt’s Custom Meats up in Kelso, WA.  It was a long drive, but the mountain views can’t be beat. 


The above is barely a fraction of the meat. We asked to keep everything, including the fat to render for lard, so we have at least 25 pounds of just pig fat.  Amazing.

Saturday morning, I put up the decals in the (almost) finished nursery.  Since Anthony is from Australia, we wanted the baby to have a strong sense of it’s heritage.  It may be confused that bamboo has blue leaves, but whatevs. 



koala decal

We took a beautiful walk up the road. Every day, I’m in such awe of the amazing natural surroundings we have, and how much it changes every day with the impending spring. 

walk photos

Hillsboro, OR

We also checked our garden beds with the garlic, which are still looking good and weed free. 

garlic bed

Super pregnant gardener

We also got our fruit trees in the mail from GrowOrganic.com and plan to plant them throughout the week.

fruit trees

We bought three cherries, four apples, two pears, and a peach.  We’ll see how they go!

As Anthony worked on the mantle for the fireplace, I built our growing (and exceedingly annoying, although very cute) chicks a home more appropriately sized for their growing selves.  We went from this:

chick brooder

chick brooder XL

Funny story. The crate was originally Chewy’s. Apparently, we thought she was going to go from 10 pounds to a german shepherd. No such lock, but the chickens are loving it!  I felt very 

Finally, our incredibly sweet and generous neighbors threw us a “welcome to the neighborhood” party.  We got to meet some of our new neighbors, including a couple who gave us a custom-written gardening book for our area. How sweet! There is nothing like having amazing neighbors. 

Welcome cake

Kat and Anthony

I tell you, after this weekend, the moment my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light. Can’t wait to see what this week will bring!

Weekend Highlights

It’s hard to believe that but a few months ago, my weekends were spent in New York City, either going to Central Park, or to a restaurant, or to the movies. Don’t get me wrong, we did plenty of cooking, canning, and other delightful homesteading activities, but now it just feels more real, as to accomplish our goals, we actually have to do it, rather than just, “wow, that’s fun!”

On Saturday, Anthony and I woke up bright and early to take care of the chicks (this is daily, of course, but it’s still fun. It’s wild how big they’ve gotten in a week. I’ll write more about setting up their brooder this week, but so far it’s been working great. However, soon we’ll have to move them out, as they are getting a bit crowded.  


Because our heat system absolutely sucks (cadet, electric heaters) we’ve decided to invest in replacing our fireplace which makes the room colder, with a wood-burning stove insert.  To do that, we also decided to refinish our fireplace facade, which was white painted brick.  The reason we’ve decided to do that now, is that if we were to do it later, we’d have to pull out the fireplace, which sounds like a huge waste of money.  So, we decided to splurge in a massive way, and get the facade refinished now.  I’ll do a larger post on this later, but one thing we’re doing to help is creating the mantle from a disassembled barn from two properties down.  

Anthony finishing the board

He sanded, I finished it (not the whole thing, yet).  It looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see it above our fireplace.

reclaimed wood mantle

Anthony also put together a red wagon, which can pull very heavy things. Considering how much wood we bought from the barn being torn down, I can tell this is going to be crazy useful.

red wagon being built

While he was doing this, I washed the car, which was getting necessary as the dirt was thicker than the paint.  While I wouldn’t necessarily have a Prius be the first pick of a farm vehicle, it’s getting the job done in an impressive way. 

Sunday, I woke up and headed to Prenatal yoga.  I really enjoy this Iyengar class, and find it definitely helps my soreness as well as helps me feel more aligned mentally and physically.  Then, we went to the Hillsdale Farmer’s market, which was awesome. I forgot to take as many pictures as I intended, but here are a few highlights.

Super natural

Olympic Provisions

Oregon shellfish

The local clams looked so wonderful that we decided to do linguine vongole for dinner.    Unfortunately, after the market I started feeling a bit off, so we headed home so I could get some rest. Hopefully, today will be so I can start my seedlings! 

Linguine vongole

What did you do this weekend?