The Creative Process

Ira Glass is one of my heroes.  The host of This American Life, I have been listening to this man talk on NPR all over the world since I was seven years old.  

Ira Glass

Some of my fondest memories are of listening to him in the car with my dad, or during runs training for triathlons.  When I turned on Radio National in Australia and TAL happened to be on, I started crying.  I was so happy to have something that made me feel at home. 

Because my sister and brother-in-law are both well known actors, and my father was a movie producer, I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of fun and interesting people, like Jon Bon Jovi, Harrison Ford, and Art Garfunkel.  I was able to meet all of them and view them as people.  However, when I saw Ira Glass on the subway, I freaked out.  Like, a drooling teenager.  I yelled, as I was getting off the subway “Oh my GOSH!!! I LOVE YOU!  I’VE LOVED YOU SINCE I WAS 5!”  And he smiled and said thanks.  I was high for a week.

Anyway, Ira Glass, who has created one of the most successful radio shows in the past century, as well as shows for television and stage, seems to be one of the most down to earth people ever, and a source for really good creative advice. I highly recommend watching this 2 minute video from him on the creative process. 

In writing this blog, I am actively trying to figure out what direction I want to take with it.  Is it a “lifestyle” blog? A farming blog? A healthy living blog? I truly have no idea. All I know is that writing makes me feel wonderful.  That other people’s blogs have been a source of light in times of darkness, guidance in times of fear, and laughter in times of sadness.  And that the story of starting a farm when you don’t know shit about farming will at least be amusing, if not always educational. So, I’ll do my best to just keep writing. We’ll see what happens. 



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