Wood? We Got Wood

This post is not at all sponsored by the Firewood Guys, I just believe in supporting awesome local businesses and these guys are fantastic. 

Firewood, courtesy of The Firewood Guys.

firewood dump.MOV

My beautiful friend Brady recently told me the urban dweller equivalent for “red-neck” is a “city-ot” (like idiot, obviously.) While neither term is flattering, in this case, each day I am learning how incredibly different the knowledge base is for city life versus rural life. A great example of this is firewood. Originally, my assumption was that it’s wood thats sole purpose is to be set on fire. How much could there be to know? As it turns out, quite a bit.

First of all, you hear a lot of horror stories about firewood when you lurk in the firewood forums (lesson number 2: firewood discussion forums exist.) You see, an innocent looking block of wood is not so simple as it appears. Not only does the type of wood matter (more on that later), but seasoning matters too. For anyone who has ever had a fireplace and bought or chopped their own wood, I am sure you are rolling your eyes at the moment, but for us novices, seasoning is how wood has been dried and weathered to make it ideal for burning. As it turns out, no or too little seasoning means lots of smoke and little fire and heat, which is kind of the opposite reason to burn wood.


Ideally, wood chopped down this year is seasoned for at minimum 8 months, and ideally for a year or more, by being exposed to wind and sun.  Of course, it’s pretty hard to tell just from looking at wood if this has been done, and the stories of people buying a cord of wood (8’ x 4’ x 4’, aka, a crap-ton) only to find it smokes out the house from being improperly seasoned are common, and extremely frustrating for those who do. We were lucky enough to have our neighbors tell us all about this, or else we would probably have bought a cheaper option and been infuriated at the consequences.

The Firewood Guys have rave reviews on Angie’s List, which was the main reason we called them.  There reviews are completely well deserved. I admitted my novice-hood to the the receptionist, who talked me through the different types of wood.

firewood types

We ended up going with maple, as it’s hot and long-burning. As mentioned, we’re planning on getting a wood stove insert, so we wanted wood that burned hot and long. Here was the pricing from The Firewood Guys:

firewood guys

So, we called, shivering our bums off on Sunday, and they delivered at 10:00am on Monday.  Their delivery charge was $2 per mile outside of Battleground, WA, so we expected a $70 or so delivery charge.  Imagine how pleased we were when the kind man who made the delivery, whose name now escapes me, said he found a shorter route, so our delivery would only be considered 20 miles!

pregnant lady stacking firewood When he dumped the wood (which you can see in the video above) it made a beautiful, hollow, drum-like sound – the sound of well-seasoned wood. He also took the time to chat with us about how we can harvest our own wood and season it well for next season.  After he left, he gave us a call back – I assumed something went wrong with the credit card payment, but instead, he wanted to clarify his own advice for seasoning and storage.  Now that’s awesome customer care!

maple wood stacked

We’re also fairly certain, after stacking (which is really a workout for a 30-week pregnant lady!) they gave us a good amount more than a cord of wood.  We’ve been enjoying a hot, low-smoke fire every night, and cannot wait to get our wood insert, so we can really feel the heat.

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